Whether you are a club promoter or planning a corporate event or wedding, Karaoke is the perfect addition!

Total Impact DJ Service brings the party with packages that includes the basics all the way to a full-out stage production creating an atmosphere that makes your guests or patrons feel like they are the Star of the show! We can bring in sound large enough for creating a club like atmosphere or smaller systems to fit the size of the venue space.  Club and Bar owners, ask about our Club/Bar Weekly Rates!

100% Legal Karaoke Library

Why is this important?   Who cares right, as long as you have my song.

Let us preface this with: we are not lawyers.  Club and bar owners already have to pay fees to ASCAP, BMI and others just to play music, live or recorded. Why?  Because it keeps them from being sued by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).  This mostly relates to the playing of recorded commercial music and live bands.  There are also certain karaoke manufactures that are going after club owners in much the same way and winning lawsuits for $100,000+.  With the help of groups such as the KIAA (Karaoke Industry Alliance of America) they are seeking out violators of their trademark graphics and helping to legitimize the karaoke industry. That’s why we have purchased and can prove ownership of ALL of our CDG discs that contain 100% legally purchased karaoke tracks that are now being played via computer instead of disc. This means our karaoke songbook may be smaller than those claiming huge numbers of karaoke but like QUALITY over QUANTITY and keep ours up-to-date, while always adding new music monthly.